The policy is based on COPE's core practices and WAME's guidelines.

To foster transparency and integrity in research dissemination, the "Women, Midwives and Midwifery" journal adheres to a well-defined policy on authorship and contributorship. The following technical directions are set to comply with this policy:

  • Authorship Criteria:
    • Authorship should be based on significant contributions to the conception, design, execution, or interpretation of the research. All individuals meeting these criteria should be listed as authors.
  • Contributorship:
    • Individuals who have contributed to the work but do not meet the authorship criteria should be acknowledged in a 'Contributors’ section.
  • Acknowledgment:
    • All authors must approve the final manuscript and the acknowledgment of contributors.
  • Authorship Changes:
    • Any changes in authorship after submission must be formally requested and approved by all authors and contributors.
  • Conflict of Interest Disclosure:
    • Authors are required to disclose any potential conflicts of interest which could be perceived to bias their work.
  • Corresponding Author:
    • A corresponding author should be designated to handle submissions, revisions, and correspondence regarding the manuscript, and ensure all authors are kept informed during the publication process.
  • Author's Affiliation:
    • The affiliation of all authors should be clearly indicated on the manuscript.
  • Author's Responsibilities:
    • Authors should adhere to ethical research and reporting practices, and be prepared to share their data and methods upon request.

This policy and its technical directions ensure that authorship and contributorship are transparently and rightfully assigned, upholding the ethical standards of scholarly publishing.