The policy is based on COPE's core practices and WAME's guidelines.

The Women, Midwives and Midwifery Journal is devoted to maintaining high standards of professionalism and integrity in the management and dissemination of knowledge. The journal's management process is transparent, unbiased, and ensures the rigorous and ethical handling of all manuscripts. This policy encapsulates the following key points:

  1. Editorial Board:
    • The Editorial Board comprises experienced and reputable scholars in the fields of women’s health and midwifery.
    • The roles, responsibilities, and contributions of the editorial board members are clearly defined and publicly disclosed.
  2. Journal Operations:
    • The operations of the journal are conducted transparently, with clarity on the manuscript handling process, from submission to publication.
    • There is a clear separation of the roles between the editorial board and the journal's sponsoring society to ensure unbiased decision-making.
  3. Quality Assurance:
    • The journal commits to providing constructive feedback to authors, thus promoting the publication of high-quality, impactful, and original research.
    • It employs a robust peer review process to ensure the quality and integrity of the scholarly content.
  4. Accessibility:
    • Being an open-access journal, it ensures that the published articles are freely accessible to the global academic community and the wider public, enhancing the visibility and impact of the authors’ work.
  5. Continuous Improvement:
    • The journal continually seeks to improve its processes to meet the evolving needs of authors, readers, and the academic community, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.