1. Allegations of Misconduct:
    Protocols for reporting and investigating allegations of misconduct, ensuring adherence to COPE's guidelines.

  2. Authorship and Contributorship:
    Define authorship and contributorship criteria, ensuring rightful crediting in alignment with WAME and COPE recommendations.

  3. Handling of Complaints and Appeals:
    Implement a transparent and efficient system for handling complaints and appeals, as advocated by COPE.

  4. Conflict of Interest:
    Disclose and effectively manage conflicts of interest as per WAME’s guidelines and COPE’s recommendations.

  5. Data and Reproducibility:
    Uphold data integrity and reproducibility of findings, aligning with COPE’s practices.

  6. Ethical Oversight:
    Adhere to stringent ethical oversight on research and publications, following the COPE’s practices.

  7. Intellectual Property Issues:
    Respect intellectual property rights and manage related issues as per COPE’s guidelines.

  8. Journal Management:
    Uphold integrity and quality in journal management, ensuring alignment with COPE’s guidelines.

  9. Peer Review Process:
    Maintain a fair, constructive, and timely double-blind peer review process, providing necessary training as advocated by WAME and COPE.

  10. Post-publication Discussion and Corrections:
    Facilitate post-publication discussions and issue corrections when necessary, in accordance with COPE’s practices.

  11. Study Design and Ethics:
    Ensure well-justified, well-planned, and appropriately designed research, aligning with WAME’s recommendations.

  12. Plagiarism:
    Employ Turnitin to prevent plagiarism, maintaining a similarity limit of 20%. Manuscripts exceeding this limit will be returned for correction or rejected. The articles can be resubmitted as new manuscripts following the necessary revisions.

  13. Advertising:
    Ethically manage advertising as per WAME’s guidelines.

  14. Responding to Allegations of Possible Misconduct:
    Responsibly respond to allegations of misconduct following WAME’s guidelines.

  15. Relation of the Journal to the Sponsoring Society:
    Clearly delineate the relationship between the journal and its sponsoring society, Asosiasi Pendidikan Kebidanan Indonesia (AIPKIND), as advised by WAME.

  16. Open Access, Archiving, and Repository Compliance:
    The archiving of manuscript versions in compliance with Sherpa/Romeo, CC BY license, and the journal's open-access and copyright policies.